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if west virginia was in a position to perhaps win , wirin either way, a david versus g go lieith -- goliath type feel. >> jim: no question. >> clark: and butler has been working towards this opportunity for a long time. >> jim: good feed, smith goes inside to ebanks. >> clark: one of the few times we have seen that tonight, jim, and usually west virginia will get a couple of baskets a half on that type of cut but duke has done a really good job of pressuring the ball and being in good position as a team to take away some of the curls and back cuts. >> jim: the first points of the second half for ebanks. scheyer. gets past the defenders. >> clark: everything that we talk about at the top of the telecast that west virginia needed to do, defend the 3-point shot, rebound the basketball, contain dribble penetration. [whistle] >> clark: it has not happened. >> jim: another call against thomas. how about the big three? talking about singler, smith, scheyer. for the duke blue devils. >> clark: they have all been stellar and nolan smith has done it with the penetration and 3-point shot ma
forward. or even if west virginia was in a position to perhaps win , wirin either way, a david versus g go lieith -- goliath type feel. >> jim: no question. >> clark: and butler has been working towards this opportunity for a long time. >> jim: good feed, smith goes inside to ebanks. >> clark: one of the few times we have seen that tonight, jim, and usually west virginia will get a couple of baskets a half on that type of cut but duke has done a really good job of pressuring the ball and being in good position as a team to take away some of the curls and back cuts. >> jim: the first points of the second half for ebanks. scheyer. gets past the defenders. >> clark: everything that we talk about at the top of the telecast that west virginia needed to do, defend the 3-point shot, rebound the basketball, contain dribble penetration. [whistle] >> clark: it has not happened. >> jim: another call against thomas. how about the big three? talking about singler, smith, scheyer. for the duke blue devils. >> clark: they have all been stellar and nolan smith has done it with the penetration and 3-point
the bill would allow district residents to buy guns and ammunition in maryland and virginia. the bill would also repeal registration requirements. there is a curious line in -- in the 19-page bill that seems to strip the district of columbia of its ability to make any laws related to gun control. we will talk about that tonight. also we are going to ask officials about that and ask about the possible political motivations behind the introduction of the bill right now. so that's a story we are working on. tonight we will have more at 11:00. >> lot going on there. thank you, craig. >>> former tooid d.c. council member jim graham pleaded not guilty to bribery charges today. ted losa is charged with taking cash and services in exchange for pushing laws farable to the taxi cabin industry. prosecutors say that he accepted more than $30,000 along with trips, limo rides, meals. graham denies any wrongdoing and says that he's cooperating with the authorities. law enforcement authorities told "the washington post" graham is not the target of their investigation. >>> welling the deal is done, folks. w
in west virginia, rescuers at the upper big branch mine are waiting to resume their mission. their effort is on hold tonight while crews vent dangerous air from the mine. four miners are trapped underground still. officials don't know if they are dead or alive. 25 miners died in monday's blast. two injured workers are in the hospital. steve handelsman is live in raleigh county with the latest for us. steve? >> reporter: hi, jim. thank you. it was a big setback. not that it matters much to the four miners. everybody here says they still believe that they still imagine that on monday as this explosion went off and killed 25 guys, it was a big explosion, these four guys who were shielded from the blast and used their training and they knew where these shelters were and think maybe three guys are in one-and-one guy is in another and if that's right, these guys would be okay. their shelters are strong. most importantly, they have air to breathe. since they are designed for more than a dozen guys, there's plenty of air for these guys to survive through the weekend. but the disappointment comes
are coming to virginia thanks to a deal worked out between the state and a huge defense contractor. governor bob mcdonnell announced the plan for northrup grumman to move its headquarters here. >> reporter: northrup grumman plans to open its new headquarters in the summer of 2011 in arlington or fair view park area, fairfax county, near falls church. exact location will be revealed in about the next 30 days but the big news it was delivered today at a news conference in rosslyn. >> thanks so much. >> just as -- >> reporter: governor mcdonnell presented northrup grumman's ceo p virginia stock to celebrate news one of the world's largest defense contractors would move its corporate head quarters from california to northern virginia. northrup grumman chose virginia after a competition with maryland and the district. >> it was difficult to come down to our final selection. but in that final selection, northern virginia was the winner. >> reporter: economic considerations and available real estate were deciding factors. virginia also offered $12 million and $15 million in incentives to lure the c
george corley wallace. what the world needs now more of this talk, virginia's new republican governor bob mcdonnell has declared april to be confederate history month. to read his proclamation you would think the war was a joyous war of independence. great stuff all around. got overwhelmed by too much firepower up north. not a word about slavery being the issue or the election of abraham lincoln causing succession. former governor doug water of virginia says the confederate history month stuff is mind-boggling. we're going to talk about what just happened. >>> and will the real john mccain please stand up? he now says he's never considered himself a maverick. could someone please remind him he boasted about his maverick credentials throughout the entire 2008 campaign? we'll remind him tonight, go to the videotape. we're rounding up the mavericks tonight. >>> also, why is president obama having so much trouble winning over white-working-class americans? and how can he win a mandate in 2012 he can't do the job? we'll get to that one. >>> let me finish tonight with thoughts on p
mine in raleigh county, west virginia. charleston. that blast was caused by a buildup of methane gas. mitt rescue crews are still hopeful they will find some survivors. steve handelsman has our report from raleigh county. >> reporter: as family and friends waited and hoped for a miracle the drilling teams made quick progress. boring a six-inch-wide hole down to the mine before dawn to where 25 men died monday. you about four miners might still be alive. they are drilling other holes as well. they are using pumps to pull methane from the chamber. so rescuers can re-enter. surviving miners may have made it to one of two sealed shelter. >> we know they didn't come out so -- you -- next option would be for them to go through that refuge chamber. >> dust, dirt, debris, blowing. if hi to put my head down i couldn't see. >> reporter: stanley is a miner who survived the blast monday. now he's agonizing about his missing friends. >> my very good buddy. people don't understand the comradey between miners. >> upper big branch mine cited 12 times last month for ventilation violations. >> all
phone calls in the night. virginia celebrates the confederacy. and also where we start tonight with governor's bob mcdonnell's decision. and virginia ron yagan a former radio talk show host working on a book about his dad. and pat buchanan and msnbc analyst. start with what happened in minnesota today. it's an amazing event. we'll get to the confederate stuff later. what's going on? show you right now is governor palin today with balkman. very fascinating political figures. very good on the stump. much more exciting than mitch mcconnell or john boehner. here is the new starpower of the republican party. let's watch today. >> on the outside i am here to testify she is 20 times more beautiful on the inside. please help me welcome governor sarah palin. >> you know, pat, i think i had a small role here in hosting this program one day when michelle bachmann came on and said we ought to have a media investigation. you were here. and the senate out of that -- a caterpillar became a butterfly and saw her today. she's dazzle on the stump. her speech today was so well given. i think that
in virginia are warning parents about the attempted abduction of a young child. two brothers were walking home near lanise way in bristo yesterday evening when a man tried to snatch the 5-year-old. his older brother who is 9 pushed the boy away from the suspect and then ran for help. neither boy was injured. but police would like to hear from anybody who saw someone or something suspicious. >>> just a week after killing a bill to give the district voting rights because of a rider that weaknd the city's gun laws, they reacted to a stand alone bill during the same thing. the changes could affect the safety of those who work or live in the district. craig melvin joins us with more. craig? >> reporter: doreen, tomorrow marks the start of the next round of congress versus d.c. in a seemingly never ending battle over gun laws and who has the right to make them. this comes as a city still reels over the deaths of four teenagers killed in a drive by shooting not far from here. that was exactly four weeks ago tonight. on what the bill would mean, d.c.'s lone voice in congress is emphatic and clear. >>
hanging back well to the west. just now really coming into west virginia, last frame you see there, most of the storms south of columbus and south of pittsburgh, pennsylvania right now. where do we go from here? the area is not under severe thunderstorm watch. that's to the north. we have had a handful of warnings here. could see more, i think, up until 11 cloak p.m. it is really up until 11 cloak or midnight we could see storms and showers probably up until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. in the morning. we have big changes on the way, sxwrim doreen. big-time cooldown for the weekend. we are going to take a look at the temperatures in a few minutes. >> thanks,ver couldn't. >>> to our top story. murder mystery involving a very popular d.c. school principal. >> brian betts was the principal at shaw middle school. police discovered him dead inside of his silver spring home yesterday. >> news4's pat collins talks with those who knew betts well. pat, what's the latest? >> reporter: the death of a principal. a case of murder. the cause, gunshot. was there any sign of forced entry into the house? >> there w
virginia community koeps with tragedy. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. drilling began late tuesday and continues at this hour to save those four trapped men. prettiers are working to clear enough poisonous gas from the upper big branch mine in west virginia to help rescue workers begin entering and searching. investigators believe an accumulation of the gas may have contributed to the blast. it killed at least 25 miners, making it the worst u.s. mining accident in more than two decades. crews have been drilling holes into the mine in an effort to vent methane. we begin our coverage with steve handelsman. he is live near the scene of this deadly explosion in naoma, west virginia. what's the latest? >> reporter: good evening. here at the upper big branch mine complex, short time ago, officials were bringing us up to date. not a lot of ee norm us headline material but they did confirm when they first punched threw the mine, atmosphere in there was as they feared and expected, contaminated badly with methane. if the four guys alive, they would only be alive if they m
. live in vince, la larks i'm jay gray. jim, back to you. >> jay, thank you. >>> northern virginia congressman jim moran says today he asked the interior secretary to reconsider a allowing offshore drilling. in the letter congressman moran says regardless of ideology the situation should give everyone pause regarding expansion of offshore drilling. it is becoming increasingly likely the gulf states are looking at an economic and environmental disaster not seen since the exx"exxon valdez." moran says virginia's fishing and coastal tourism industries are vital to the economy. and if exploration off the virginia coast. make sure the scope of the problems is understood before any drilling permits or leases are allowed. >>> there may now be a criminal probe of the company that runs the west virginia mine where 29 people died earlier this month. a federal law enforce many official says that the fbi has interviewed nearly t two dozen former and current massey energy employees. the official says the fbi is looking for evidence that the richmond based company engaged in criminal negligence
virginia local act striss gathered in fredericksburg and woodbridge. about 150 tea party activists came to hear mostly republican elected leaders rail against washington. the headliner here is former virginia governor and senator george allen. >> when we see up in washington, these days, are people that are disconnected. they are out of touch. they are about as clueless as hogs looking at a timex watch. >> reporter: it provides sleeg answer for the party activists' anger. november is coming. way my country back. their battle flag, revolutionary era don't tread on me. most say government spending and health care reform drew them to the tea party movement. >> it is time for the silent majority to stand up and say hey, folks, we are here, too. we deserve to be heard also. >> they are not representing me or this country. . when they choose for our laws t be passed, taxes go to abortion, which is murder of children, and they are not listening. they are not listening to anything. they are spending beyond belief. >> reporter: this woman says her biggest concern is the president himself. >> i t
getting started tonight. coming up, a virginia couple under arrest now and charged with animal cruelty in connection with a cockfighting ring. >>> also tonight, fireses are for firefighters. why were police called to this massive house fire in prince george's county. >>> a well-known health organization wants the federal government to wage war on salt. we are coming right back. >>> it is one of the biggest related seizures in the entire state of virginia. tonight a spotsylvania county couple is facing dozen of charges after running a suspected cockfighting breeding farm. they were under investigation since authorities raided their rural home on march 3rd. jane watrel joins us from the newsroom with more on how those animals and neighbors were suffering. jane? >> reporter: jim, it was loud. authorities say that they could have brought 150 charges against the couple but settled for 49 misdemeanor and felony charges apiece. largest seizure of its kinds in the state of virginia. stacks of chicken crates are all that remain of what authorities believed was a cockfighting breeding farm. alic
enough evidence to issue a warrant for his arrest. >>> virginia's bob mcdon sell now among the governors across the country that have gotten threatening letters from an anti-government group. mcdonnell's office received a letter wednesday and turned it over to the fbi and state police. the governor and his family are safe. the letters prompted an increase in security for governors across the country. the fbi says the letters demand the governors leave office within three days or risk being removed. the group guardians of free republic is believed to have sent the letters. >> shift gears to something way more pleasant. that's the weather. oh, my goodness. what else do you say? >> our weather, jim and doreen, omrealg at the end of a long week. little exhausting week here. get your brightest of the bright easter colors out. they will shine this upcoming weekend. temperatures today in the 70s. low 70s. few locations that hit 80. raleigh, north carolina. close to 90 degrees. if have you travel plans, terrific weather for hitting the roads. no problems weatherwise. once you get there. oh, my g
? disaster strikes in west virginia, a mine explosion kills dozens raising questions whether the media ignored warning signs. liberal stormtrooper david schuster gets iced at peacock news for enemy lines and working on a secret project on cnn. is this the final strike? a main conduit of abuse from the white house to the american public, now the white house press corps may be a recommend ne -- remnant of the past. and tiger on course, are the media still taking shots? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. conservative columnist, anded degree tantero. jim pinkerton, and news day columnist, the legendary ellis henican. i'm jon scott, news watch is on right now. >> together we've stopped that and proven the benefits of cooperation. today is an important milestone for nuclear security and nonproliferation and for u.s.-russian relations. >> jon: president obama signing the biggest arms reduction treaty the white house says in 60 years, with russian president medvedev on thursday. the news from prague was met by mixed reaction from the press. take a look, in the
, los angeles >> couric: meanwhile, in west virginia, hope is turning to despair. the fate of four missing miners remains uncertain tonight as once again dangerous conditions inside the mine forced rescue teams to turn back. national correspondent jim axelrod is in montcoal, west virginia. jim, it's been more than four days since this explosion. where does the rescue operation stand now? >> reporter: katie, for the third time in two days rescue teams are back inside the mine, although it is clear to say with every passing hour chances grow slimmer for a miracle in west virginia. the funerals started today in west virginia. 61-year-old benny willingham was among the first laid to rest. his army buddies flew here from california to say good-bye. they used to ask their pal about his dangerous job. >> he said "it is what it is, i've got to take care of the family." he knew what the possibilities could be. >> reporter: the remaining glimmer of hope continued to fade this afternoon after more frustration for rescue crews. at 12:45 this morning, two teams with eight workers each had enter
his scandal. >>> deadly mind disaster. others missing in west virginia nationwide insurance, let me hear it. i've never had an accident. is there anything you can do for me ? yeah, i'm here with liz. i need a brilliant idea right now. guys ! i just gagged. here it is. deductible. take $50 off. wait. take $100 off for every year she doesn't have an accident... ... and call it vanishing deductible. hook, line, sinker. done. >>> deadly mine explosions, dozens of people are dead after an explosion in west virginia. >> good evening i'm denise koch. >> and vic carter. >>> sirens screamed toward the upper big bend mine. and people feared the worse. >> my brother called and he said if ambulances were going past my house. because it's a coal mining community. and when you hear so many ambulances, there has to be something wrong. >> reporter: dozens of ambulances were heading toward charleston, west virginia. >> it's a rescue operation. they have 96 hours of oxygen in there. so we have time on our side. >> reporter: officials do not know what caused the explosion but say it appeared to have h
maryland and western areas of virginia. storms in the forecast. thunderstorms for sunday. let me take through the next 48 hours. this is your futurecast. weather front south. there's clouds across the area. moving out of here more and more. clouds that we have today. high pressure continuing to think south. only briefly. for another day through tomorrow. part of that system comes east. i think we will have showers showing up on saturday. light showers. shouldn't be anything too heavy. but certainly by about lunch time saturday. here's your forecast. pleasant temperatures drop from the mid 60s to about 57 degrees next couple of hours. sunset today at 7:25. here we go with the morning forecast. we are clear, we are cool. chilly. 42 to 49 degrees. sun rising tomorrow at 6:21. for tomorrow mostly sunny and average for april, absolutely delightful for tomorrow. now wish i could cover this up but i can't. four-day forecast, taking you through the weekend. where it is going to be scattered mainly light showers for saturday. things could pick up a bit on sunday with more wet weather coming ou
underground again. steve handelsman is working our big story this afternoon live from naoma, west virginia. >> reporter: thanks. good afternoon from west virginia. today it is stormy. officials say that may be the cause of their setback. with the barometric drops, a lot of cold air rushes of the coal mine and left dangerous methane gas seep in through the cold. teach methane in the mine meant more drilling and more pumping as rescue teams feed a hasty retreat. >> this is a it setback. the worst of our three options from a rescue attempt. >> reporter: 32 rescuers had gotten the green light overnight and headed in. miles to go. but back on the surface, tech anythingnitions were getting bad readings. four miners could be taking shellingter, the air turned explosive. too much methane. officials worried about another blast like the one that killed 25 men monday and they pulled the rescue teams 500 feet short of their goal. >> a buildup of noxioknocknoxio we have to get it out of there. >> the atmosphere is not explosive. >> reporter: miner tommy davis survived monday's blast. his mother and his
says if he were to run again he believes he would win. >>> in west virginia, rescue officials say hopes of finding four missing miners are alive but are dwindling. still trying to get back inside the upper big branch mine where an explosion on monday killed at least 25 workers. steve handelsman is in raleigh county, west virginia, with the latest on this. steve? >> reporter: thanks. good evening. pumped in nay throw general and put out the fire, sound of the mine overnight. for the fourth time, they sent back in the rescue crews, 2:30. we may hear something at 8:30. it might be definitive. almost nobody in this part of west virginia's holding out much hope because of what the rescue crews discovered overnight. the bad news from the overnight search left a lot of local miners less hopeful. >> no good when you -- let your hopes down. >> reporter: rescue teams had made it to the one chamber. officials had hoped at least three missing miners, maybe all four, had taken refuge. and as seen in the optimistic animation. in fact, the chamber was still folded, unused. >> as a coal miner you know
. it is not known if the suspects had any connection to the university. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell wants the people of the commonwealth to join their west virginia neighbors in a moment of silence tomorrow to honor the victims of the mine tragedy. 3:30 monday will mark exactly one week since the explosion that killed 29 people. the lives of the miners were also honored today in church services across southern west virginia. federal officials are set to arrive tomorrow to begin their investigation into just what went wrong. >>> when we come back on news4 at 6:00 tonight, a lawmaker takes aim at airlines, charging passengers to carry on luggage. >>> plus, washington braces for huge traffic headaches as dozens of world leaders come to town. >>> and a big bang brings down the former home of the dallas cowboys. >>> justin? >> what a perfect way to end the weekend today with temperatures near 80 degrees again in some locations, but all good things do have to come to an end. we will talk about changes as the next cold front impacts our >>> two "discovery" astronauts were working to replace a co
to the mine disaster in west virginia, president obama today ordered federal mine safety officials to give him a report by next week on what caused that explosion that killed at least 25 miners. but right now, the focus is on the four who may still be alive. 32 rescue workers finally got inside the mine today but they were forced to turn back for their own safety. our national correspondent jim axelrod is in mont coal, west virginia. and, jim, how serious is this setback? >> reporter: with slim hope growing only slimmer, katie, and frustration rising, the rescue teams are now preparing to head back into the mine, in sometime in the next few hours and resume their search for the four missing miners. for the family and friends of four missing miners in west virginia, there is little left to do but hold hands and pray. >> we still have four men underground that i know that the god lord savior can reach out and touch them. >> reporter: just before 5:00 this morning, four teams, each with eight rescue workers, entered the mine. four hours later, they had traveled three miles by rail, another mile o
.c. >> aaron gilchrist, thank you. >>> more on the mining disaster in west virginia. still too dangerous for rescuers go inside that mine. authorities say that the levels of methane gas are too high. four miners remain missing after an explosion mob, killed 25 miners. and in the meantime, help from our area is on its way. members of sprint nextel's emergency response team loaded up this morning and bringing hundreds of cell phones and other devices to the mine to help authorities better communicate with each other. steve handelsman is there in naoma, west virginia, to tell bus what the scene is there now. steve? >> reporter: thanks. good evening. certainly used an increase of cell power here. a lot of the families we speak to say they are having a hard time staying in touch. in the deep valleys in coal country in west virginia, they never had cell service. this is a place of intensity now. intense emotions and intense rescue efforts. let's talk about the first. we spoke a short time ago to a miner who was one of those who escaped on monday. this was during a shift change when the explosi
year old boy in northern virginia. police say his older brother fought back. >> plane diverted from dulles airport. >>> it comes down to game seven tonight. the caps are trying not to go home. loudoun county schools are about to make some changes. the kids will probably love it. but teachers and other school employees won't. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the loudoun county school board decided that there will be two furlough days during the next school year. schools in the county will close and no activities will be scheduled. the county says the furloughs will save jobs. aaron gilchrist joins us now with the story. hi, aaron. >> doreen and jim, it was a choice nobody wanted to make. fire nearly 400 employees or cut every school employee's salary. effectively that's what the furlough does and today loudoun county faculty and staff learned exactly when that will happen. mill road elementary school today a fifth grade lesson on the periodic table for their teacher and all 10 thousand school employees in loudoun county. today meant the difficult math lesson. >> l
in a massive explosion in a west virginia coal mine have been recovered now. rescue crews went into the upper big blanch branch mine to remove the rest of the victims. federal prosecutors say that they are prepared to bring criminal charges against mine owner massey energy and its top officials before last monday's explosion, massey energy had been cited 1300 times in the past five years for safety violations. >>> first lady michelle obama left washington today for her first international trip without the president. it began with a surprise visit to haiti. president preval and wife greeted mrs. obama outside of the presidential palace. the building partially collapsed during a massive earthquake back in january. mrs. obama took a helicopter tour and walking tour of the widespread damage there. she described the devastation as powerful. the white house officials say the trip is meant to reinforce the u.s. commitment to haiti's economic recovery. mrs. obama will go next to mexico city. >>> a man accused of killing an 18-year-old d.c. woman allegedly over a hamburger was found not guilty in cour
, steve handelsman. he is live maoma, west virginia. >> reporter: the mood is grim because the news is bad. they couldn't drill that hole to get the camera down but got the fires down and now the rescue teams are headed back in. the bad news from the overnight search left a lot of local miners less hopeful. >> it is no good whenever at first you have to be deployed, lets your hopes down a little bit. >> reporter: rescue teams made it to the one chamber. officials had hoped at least three missing miners, maybe all four, had taken refuge. as seen in the optimistic animation. in fact the chamber was still folded, unused. >> as a coal miner, you know what i means when they saw that shelter had not been deployed. >> absolutely, yeah. it means that that was their last chance, refuge, and if it had not been taken, advantage of, then -- chances are, like i said, are slim to none that we are going to see those guys again. >> reporter: monday's explosion had been hot. fire still burned. blocking rescuers' way to the second chamber and were ordered out. >> it is very emotional for all the rescuers. w
. >>> we start in west virginia where hope is fading but it is still there that rescue crews will be able to get back into the upper big branch mine and find four missing west virginia miners alive. the search teams got the all clear and made a mad bash back inside. yesterday they got within 500 feet but forced to turn back because of dangerous gas levels and fears of possibly another explosion. one of two injured miners who survived has been released by the hospital. the ap reports he's not talking to anyone this morning. give us a sense of how optimistic they are as they get set to go back into the mine and look for the four missing mine re rers. >> reporter: they are still hopeful. keep in mind we're at hour 6 since the fatal blast in naoma, west virginia. these men should have made it by this point to the long wall. section 22, this is this 2,000 foot stretch of wall deep inside this coal mine where the rescue teams believe three of the four missing miners are located and also where they've been honing in on this rescue chamber. as everyone been repeating, if there's any hope of survi
with the final four and the national championship is set. duke against west virginia last night for the chance to advance. the blue devils downed the mountaineers, 78-57 thanks in part to john shier. duke will meet underdog butler on monday night. the hometown bulldog beat michigan state 52-50. gordon heyward scored 19 points. butler will appear in the ncaa title game for the first time in school history. >>> on the ice, alexander semin scored his goal ensuring the victory. >>> yesterday kevin youkilis hit a 2 two-run homer. the nats fall 6-1. opening day is monday against the phillies. that's your sports minute. >>> we now know gilbert arenas will serve his time at a halfway house in montgomery county. he pleaded guilty back in january to possessioning a gun without a license. a judge sentenced him to 400 hours of community service and 30 days in a halfway house. arenas will serve his time at the montgomery county pre-release center, which allows residents to leave for work or community service. arenas' arrival date has not been released for security reasons. but it is expected to happen soon
police headquarters in virginia park. >> pat, police chief roberto hilton held a news conference the second day in a row. this time attended but not only local media but national media because the video has gone viral. it has gone international. the chief says the department is moving swiftly to try to get to the bottom of the very embarrassing incident. a beating of a student by prince george's county police is the talk of college park. it happened march 3rd and the students rushed the streets in celebration. students were shocked by the provoke caught on videotape by a university student. >> the nature i was down here, it -- people were trying to walk back to where they lived. and the -- the police were, you know, weren't letting them do that. people were walking around with their hands up like this. they were still getting beaten up. >> all the streets were blocked off and a huge crowd and -- like police blocking off their roads and their -- horses and when -- it was unlike anything i have ever seen. >> reporter: the incident outraged prince george's county officials that init
in the river. >>> people in central virginia may have felt the earth sway last night. geologists say that the richmond area was hit with a magnitude 2.3 earthquake. the u.s. geological survey says that it struck at 12:12 a.m. and centered 15 miles west-northwest of ashland. there were no injuries and there are no reports of damage. >>> and wow, what a day it is out there today. >> everything is in bloom. including that pollen popping out there. in fact, it will feel more like summer. pretty darned soon, veronica joins us with your first forecast. >> that it will. and for the evening here, it is going to continue to be nice across the area. if you have been putting off that evening walk or the evening jog because it has been too chilly for you, get out there this evening. take a look. they will morning we started out in the 30s and 40s. 32 degrees in manassas. centreville, too. starting out right at the freezing mark. ft. belvoir, 34. we were in the low 40s around the district. but -- with the sunshine today, wind out of the west, we have gotten up to the 70s. first day this woke. fin
to another airport. >> sol lairty with the people in virginia. >> virginia senator mark warner introduced a moment of silence on the floor of the u.s. senate. he did that at 3:30 this afternoon. that pause marked a moment one week ago that a mine explosion in west virginia killed 25 miners there. it was also a memorial at the state capitol in charleston. kris clackham has our report. >> the can have can have's governor asked the nation for a moment of silence on monday for the 29 voices that fell silent in last week's mining disaster. >> our lives will change forever, your lives will change forever. it will be the strength of their memories that enables you to carry on. >> crews returned to the upper big branch mine for recovery of the last bodies that remained inside. and as federal investigators moved in to start work on exactly what caused the explosion. >> no minor should ever lose his life in order to provide for his family. and i will do everything in my power to ensure that we prevent these kinds of tragedies. >> this was the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. it's trigger
northern west virginia. that's associated with the weather front. it is a weak front but again moving away from our area. we will clear out later tonight and we will clear out and more sunshine tomorrow. one more dry day before we go into this pattern of wet weather across the area. there you can see some showers up around hagerstown. we had a few around fredericksburg. those are now gone. they made their way east and out of here. the big system that i talked about, look at this. producing snow showers, now some thunderstorms where some of that moisture is finally running north out of the gulf of mexico with drier air to the north and it will be producing more severe weather across the plains. let me take you to colorado right now. this is near the denver area. bennett, colorado, where you may think colorado got more snow. in fact, several inches of marble-sized hail around the area yesterday afternoon and these storms did cause flooding across state and you know what, more severe weather is expected there tomorrow. again, this is a big system. large system that's going to affect -- many,
the tragedy in west virginia. we talk exclusively with one family who lost three loved ones. also hear from the owner of the mine. what abo all those safety violations? >>> plus, nuclear fallout. republicans lash out at the president over his new restrictions on newsing nuclear weapons. is a new cold war brewing here at home? >>> plus, flying the costly skies? if you want to carry on your luggage, you better carry some extra cash. >>> and a royal wedding, could it be coming? new signs that prince william may finally be ready to pop the question. >>> well, it is now a race against time to reach the four miners still trapped more than 1,000 feet under ground after monday's mine explosion in west virginia. rescuers started drilling ventilation holes ovnight, some 1,200 feet under ground, where they hope to find the 4 miners alive. it will take hours of painstaking and potentially dangerous work. >> they managed to drop a microphone into the mine. but they have not picked up the banging on the pipes that would signal someone is alive. they're hoping for a miracle. >>> we're also going to talk t
. >>> in the u.s. senate and in the capital of west virginia today a moment of silence for 29 coal miners who were killed in an explosion in a mine last week. it was the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. federal investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that blast in raleigh county, west virginia. the tragedy has triggered the second guessing of some mine safety rules. meanwhile, in virginia, governor bob mcdonnell restored $750,000 for mine safety inspections. that money had been cut from the budget. >>> officials at james madison university want to prevent a repeat of a chaotic springfest block party on saturday. that event ended with the police in harrisonburg releasing teargas on some of the 8,000 or so people there. officers in fuel riot gear were called in after a number of fights and fires broke out. 30 people were arrested. president of jmu called the ordeal an embarrassment. he says the school is working with law enforcement to make sure nothing like that ever happens again. >>> a teacher helped stop what appeared to be a suicide attempt at a middle school ca
county in virginia arrested a man who appeared to use his own child as a distraction while he snatched a purse. security video took this picture of a man stealing a purse from a cart at the wegmans in fredericksburg this week. a shopper turned her attention away from her cart for just a moment. when she turned back, her purse was gone. police say they used this image to identify and arrest that man this afternoon. >>> still to come on news4, the parents of a little girl found safely after days in the woods. >> rescuers working nonstop to reach children trapped in debris. [ male announcer ] why settle for cable? switch to fios for game-changing entertainment. now is the time to get fios tv along with internet and phone. for a limited time lock in a super low price of $69.99 a month for the first 6 months. see the difference a 100% fiber optic network makes. get amazing hd... top rated internet...and phone. all for just $69.99 a month for the first six months. don't wait -- this offer won't last. call 1-888-get-fios now. this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for cus
. there is more information coming out about the mine explosion in west virginia. it is being called one of the worst u.s. mining disasters in u.s. history, and more tragedy continues to roll in as the death toll continues to go up. it now stands at 25. miners killed by an explosion and four are missing. rescue operations have been halted for the time being. we do have a reporter on the scene. jay gibson is -- jake gibson is a fox news correspondent. jake, tell us what you are seeing. >> we are here on the ground in west virginia. the governor of west virginia should be briefing reporters here within the hour. it is very sad news out of here. so far we only heard of 25 dead and four missing. no survivors found. there are family members milling about here and there. everyone in the community seems to be sad about the developments. it seems to be a tight knit community. they are rolling out help. they will try to drill into the side of the mountain to get to where the miners are. the problem is, in order to do that they have to get to a certain spot in the woods. they have to cut through t
interchange. if at all possible try to avoid the outer loop in virginia. work expected to wrap up sunday night. >>> so metro passengers had to be evacuated from metro center today because of a small fire. officials tell us that a track insulator caught fire and sent smoke through the tunnel. the fire was put out quickly. and there were no reports of injuries. metro says the system resumed normal operations. >>> family, friends and officers from around our region gathered today to remember a montgomery county police officer who died in the line of duty. derrick ward is in our newsroom with more on this. >> you know, it is a sad inevitably of police work when an officer dies in the line of duty. hector ayala was laid to rest. celebrating the life and service of an officer cut down in his prime. routine familiar. ceremony, drills, practice. military precision. is the reason they come together like this to say good-bye to a comrade fallen in duty they never get used to. >> gets you in the heart. >> reporter: they dime say good-bye to hector ayala. the 7-year veteran died early easter morning. his
'm sure isolated areas seeing the 30s across the virginia piedmont. somewhat average for our temperatures for morning hours. we are still looking at a frost advisory in effect till 8:00 this morning for areas across the shenandoah valley. those locations, sensitive plants would want those covered or bring them in. hopefully dull last night as the temperatures are getting close to frost criteria there. 52 again around the d.c. area. a little bit cooler out towards the beltway. warm air off to our south and west, st. louis 63 degrees. that's all headed our way today. enjoy another nice afternoon across the district and even the middle atlantic. traveling conditions, no problems heading in either direction. here's the next front to our north. stream of clouds coming across the great lakes. moisture is limited with this system. that front will slowly sag southward throughout the day today. we'll start to see increasing clouds late this afternoon. the high pressure system begins to pump in so the warmer air begins to return. the front crossing us overnight tonight, tomorrow morning. a few clou
in west virginia and this late-breaking news. we've just learned that on the very day of the explosion the mine's owner was cited for two safety violations, including one for inadequate maps of escape routes. of the 25 miners killed in the blast on monday, the bodies of 18 are still trapped underground but the focus tonight remains on reaching four miners who may still be alive. national correspondent jim axelrod is in montcoal, west virginia, tonight. jim, are rescuers making any progress? >> reporter: maggie, high levels of poisonous gases continue to hamper the rescue effort, but once it's safe, the rescue teams can get back in the mines, it should take less than two hours for them to get to the area they believe the four missing miners might be. this is one of five holes being drilled into the upper big branch mine to vent a toxic mix of methane and carbon dioxide and allow the rescue effort to resume. >> when the rescue teams are prepared, they're charged up, ready to go. and they'll go in a moment's notice. >> reporter: officials are now focused on three of the five drill sights,
elected leaders and speakers. not so in virginia where politicians have embraced the party activists. more on that at 6:00. >> we will see you then. julie, thank you. the tea party movement burst on the scene a year ago. according to the latest "new york times"/cbs news poll 18% of americans identify themselves as tea party supporters. those supporters tend to be republican. however tea party members generally hold more conservative views on a range of issues than republicans. according to this survey. they are more likely to describe themselves as very conservative. and president obama as very liberal. and while most republicans say they are dissatisfied with washington, taertd supporters are more likely to classify themselves as angry. >>> utah senator hatch says that he will block a bill that would give doost a voting member of congress if lawmakers do not change a provision that involves his state. that provision would grant utah an additional seat in the house but hatch does not like the way the new members would be elected under the current bill. it allows every citizen of utah to vo
are also apply to arriving flights. >>> when "news4 at 6:00" continues, a virginia restaurant owner admits to stealing more than $50 million from banks across the country. >>> hundreds of thousands of cribs are being recalled tonight because of some safety concerns. >>> veronica is back with a look ahead to our weekend weather. don't go away. >>> a home buyer tax credit is set to end. there is one thing you can do to catch the break. >> weekend is about to begin. we will help you get it off to a relaxing start with weather and traffic on the 1s. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands. soak our yards in color. get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener. let's grab all the bags and all the plants and all the latest tools out there. so we can turn all these savings into more colorful shades of doing. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get spectracide bug stop for the new lower price of just $4.98. >>> firefighters in new mexico are trying to get handle on wildfire burning since yeste
virginia is ordering sweeping inspections after the mine explosion that killed 29 workers. governor manchin ordered the immediate inspection of all underground mines in the state. volatile gases caused the mine explosion more than a week ago. levels are still too high for investigators to get inside the mines. the governor also asked the state's a 200 mines to cease production friday in honor of those killed. >>> first lady michelle obama is in mexico city now. as part of her first solo international tour as first lady. mrs. obama met privately with mexico's first lady today. they talked about a number of issues, important to young people, here in the u.s. and in mexico. mrs. obama also visited grade school children and gave a speech at the university there. her visit to mexico is par of an international agenda centered on engaging young people around the world. yesterday mrs. obama was in haiti. >> work as hard as you can do and do as much as you can. driven, the spirit of our youth. yes, woe can. yes, we can. >> the white house announced the second state dinner of president obama's admini
, virginia. jane, thank you. >>> two people onboard plane that was traveling from maryland to mississippi were killed when the aircraft went down in eastern kentucky. this was a small plane. it went down in a mountainous area in leslie county. a rescuer took a picture of the plane on his cell phone. faa records list the hawker beach craft 58 and as registered to a company in woodbine, maryland, called island trading. >>> a plane on its way to dulles was diverted today because of a bomb threat. the continental express flight from houston was diverted to greensboro, north carolina, after a bomb threat was written on a mirror in the bathroom. the plane did land safely just before 11:00 this morning and law enforcement was waiting for the plane when it arrived. >>> the family of a paramedic killed when a medical helicopter crashed in prince george's county is now suing the government. the crash happened back on september of 2008. mickic lipy was one of four people killed when their medevac chopper went down in foggy weather in district heights. one person survived. but has had more than 20 su
system before he will be extradited to virginia. >>> d.c. police released an identity of a woman called while crossing the street near nationals park yesterday. 42-year-old amy ellen polk of a takoma park worked as a contractor for the department of transportation. police say she was crossing the street near the navy yard metro station in the morning when she was hit by a truck. she was not in the cross walk at the time. >> head-on collision involving two tour buses leaves both drivers with serious injuries tonight. this crash occurred at hains point on ohio drive in southwest washington. around 10:30 this morning when a tour bus traveling on the wrong side of the road struck a park tour bus head-on. >> ran head-on. the one driver -- both drivers were trapped pun one was pinned in there and trapped for about 45 minutes or so. >> we don't know at this point which -- which direction that bus was going. so that's going to be part of our investigation. >> no passengers were aboard either bus. only the drivers. the damage to the tour bus was extensive and investigators say it is unclear just
energy company sprawling upper big branch mine about 30 miles south of charleston, west virginia. we have live fox team coverage in a few minutes. first, a new nuclear policy for the u.s. for decades, the u.s. has protected itself and its allies leaving open the possibility the u.s. would resort to nuclear weapons if necessary. now president obama says he is changing that, narrowing the circumstances as well as nations that might be threatened by the use of nuclear weapons. white hou correspondent mike emanuel has story from the pentagon. >> reporter: four top officials laid out the president obama plan to shift focus from threat of superpower war to unfriendply regime and terrorist seeking nuclear weapons. >> we are re-calibrating the priorities to prevent nuclear terrorism and proliferation. we're reducing the role and number of weapons maintaining a safe, secure and effective deterrent to protect the nation, allies and partner. >> reporter: the gain more international cooperation from countries such as russia and china, the administration is promising to constrain when the u.s. will us
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